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Fidy Rasambainarivo, “One island, one health: transmission of pathogens between species at the human-wildlife interface”

Dr. Rasambainarivo obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar, a Master’s degree in epidemiology from the Université de Montréal, Canada and is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of Missouri Saint Louis. He has 10 years of experience working with captive and free ranging wild animals (especially lemurs) as a veterinarian and a researcher on health and diseases at the human and wildlife interface. Fidy is also a lecturer on wildlife health and conservation medicine at the Veterinary School of Antananarivo and serves as a veterinary advisor for the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group.

Dr. Fidy’s talk was delivered on 21 September 2016 during the Duke Lemur Center’s 50th Anniversary Scientific Symposium. The Duke Lemur Center houses the world’s largest and most diverse population of lemurs – earth’s most threatened group of mammals – outside of Madagascar. The future of lemurs is #InOurHands. To learn how you can make a difference, please visit lemur.duke.edu.

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